When Dave Sherman (guitar/vocals) was asked what kind of music Don't Look Up plays he said "American roots music specializing in the blues".  Blues is where it all started and then branched out from there.  We've all been playing some form of roots music for over 50 years and Don't Look Up is a culmination of all those years in the music business.  

When asked how we got started, Andy Burdetsky (bass/vocals) said, "Dave and I, old friends from the DC area, reunited after Dave moved to  Staunton back in October of '21.  I invited Dave to come to a 'COVID Driveway Jam' at Rob Martin's (guitar/vocals) place.  We clicked, and talked about starting a new band.  So, we asked Lance Foster (drums/vocals) to join in and the rest is history."   

Even though they've only been around for a short time, they're playing to packed houses everywhere they go.  If you want to pack the house, or you want to throw a rockin' good party, these guys will do it for you.  You can contact Andy at aburdetsky@gmail.com or Dave at popssherman@gmail.com to book a performance.  

See you soon at a venue near you.